Married… Like a Boss!

Guess who had the BEST wedding day of the century?

Tiff and Brig did, that’s who!

We couldn’t have asked for a more wondeful day (warmer maybe, but we did pick a January date, so we are the only ones to blame!). We were so pleased to be supported by so many of our family and friends. We were constantly surrounded by all of the people who loved us the very most- what more could you ask for?

Allow us to show off our pefect day with you via a picture explosion!

forehead kiss

Outside the Temple, I (Tiff) couldn’t believe we were sealed! As husband and wife!Forever!


Our cuteness is overwhelming, I know.


Me, showing some serious leg warmer while Brig dances in the background.


On the hem of my dress, my new name and our wedding date (my “something blue”)


We made speeches


We cut the cake… with a SWORD.


We went BOWLING. Yes. Bowling.


We played AIRHOCKEY. Yes. Airhockey.


We shot DEER. Yes. Deer.

Military Sendoff

We were sent off properly by our Army NCO friends. (With a slap on the behind with a sword and everything. Not joking.)

Our day was perfect. As far as we know, we had zero hiccups.

(And if anyone knows of any- Don’t Tell Us!! We’d like to remain blissfully unaware.)

We left down the elevator, ran to our car, started it up slowly (the Mustang likes the cold as much as we do… which is not at all.), then drove our happy married butts up to SLC for a few nights stay at the best hotel ever: Hotel Monaco.

Seriously, we got treated like royalty! And we felt like it, rolling up in our vintage car, wearing our big fancies.

We loved getting a few days where we had zero responsibilites. This would be our only time to get it! We saw a symphony, found a great new French bakery called “Eva’s Boulangerie”, watched a movie (“Rock of Ages”- So. Funny.), and just enjoyed being together at long last.

Perfect. Beautiful. Happy. Joyful. Lovely. Fun.

Those are the words to describe our day.

And we were treated like royalty by everyone.

Thank you to our Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Extended Family, BFF’s and everyone else who supported us through the months and on Our Day.

We love you all very much!

(Also, A special thanks to Becky from “The White Willow” reception center, Kristina Curtis Photography, Marina Russel Photography, The Skyroom at BYU, Deseret Industries, Kitty Holdaway, Ashley Hix, Mamma Lisa, Mamma Sheri, and Grandma Roseann for bringing all of the flowers, pictures, food, milkglass, the cake, and decorations. You are all WONDERFUL!)

With Happily Married Love,

Tiffani and Brigham



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