Doggy Daydreaming


Ladies and Gentleman this is exciting news!

Since Tiff and I have been dating… A very common discussion in our lives is that we both love dogs. We both want to own dogs. Yeah that’s right, plural. Rest assured we are both aware that some time needs to be spent in preparation. Many things are being discussed in our wishes to move toward this exciting life decision. We anticipate taking this step in at least one year or more. In the meantime, however, we LOVE to daydream and consider all of the different possibilities. Which breed? How many? Where to live? On and on our conversations go.

Funny story, while we were dating, and consequently getting to know one another, Tiff and I had a very important conversation. I told her that, in my world, the word “Dog” really means Rottweiler. Synonymous I say. As a dog lover I have had the pleasure of experiencing many different types of k-9. I have had wonderful experiences with most of them, especially if I couldn’t punt them. (Un-Puntable is a prerequisite) I grew up around Labs predominantly and I have been able to use that as my personal baseline for my decision.

Tiff, on the other hand, grew up around her maltese.

Well forget the history lesson, it’s the future we are concerned with here!! BAM!

Introducing out of the red corner, weighing in at approximately 110 lbs, a towering 27 inches tall… Our Future Rottweiler!!

Puppy RottiOk our little guy won’t start that big. He’s gonna look much more like this at first. Like a little TANK!

Eventually these bad boys get to be very large and very fun.

Rottweilers have been mishandled by immature owners for years. This is why they are branded as violent, ill tempered, aggressive animals; all very sad. The Rottweiler is among the top ten most intelligent K-9’s in the world.

Eager to please and a craving for a challenge make these incredibly fun pets. All dogs are pack animals, therefore they are born with an innate sense of hierarchy. This little butt head will do everything he can to test those social roles and break free from the role he finds himself in. As owners it will be our responsibility to encourage good behavior by enforcing our position.

Rottweiler Male Smiling

Alpha male and Alpha female positions of dominance need to be taught early. The Rottweiler is extremely capable of learning this pecking order and Tiff and I could not be more excited to have a great deal of playtime with our little guy.

Protector, Guardian, Workhorse, Playmate and Champion.

I suggest you watch this awesome video!

Out of the Blue Corner… ok right now we have no idea what we are going to do about our second pup. We have discussed many breeds and have narrowed it down to three. Tiff gets to pick this breed (as long as my Rotti couldn’t use it as a chew toy) and actually I have been super surprised at her suggestions! I’m very excited about the dog breeds she has been considering. Let me show you who they are.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Puppy Bernese-mountain-dog-Luka


The Bernese Mountain dog is a medium-large breed. The breed has very long hair, almost shaggy but the dogs seem to wear it comfortably. Not to mention how dang cute they are. The only problem is the hair. Other than the incredible amount of shedding this furry little guy will dole out annually, this is a smart, loving and lovable pet. Depending on the animal’s training and natural temperament they have a disposition to be either energetic or tranquil. Perfect family dogs and almost too ooey-gooey loving.

The Swiss Mountain Dog

Swiss Mountain Dog Puppy greater_swiss_mountain_dog2

While a cousin to the Bernese Mountain dog, noted by the exact same coloring, the Swiss Mountain Dog holds its own social and physical differences. Most noticeably is the length of hair. This little guy features a much shorter hair and probably what is known in dog words as a double coat for added winter protection. As the breed originates out of Switzerland I would be surprised to learn the contrary. Size-wise these two animals are also quite different. The Swiss mountain dog is a much leaner and slightly shorter version of the Bernese breed. This comes in handy, however, as these adorable k-9’s are extremely energetic. The smaller stature enhances the dog’s agility greatly.  Some of our closest friends have a Swiss Mountain Dog and they absolutely love it!

The Doberman Pinscher

thepuppyworld_doberman-pinscher-a20121222132839 Doberman

The Doberman Pinscher, conveniently, is a cousin to the Rottweiler. A newer breed than it’s native German cousin, the Doberman have some incredible qualities. First, let’s get over the fact that it fits the “aggressive breed” category for a minute. I will refer you back to my previous caveats while discussing Rottweilers. It all comes down to the training. If you want your Dobie to be a snarling, rabid muscular force then you can. However if, like Tiff and I, you want a family dog with a strong territorial and protective sense, this particular breed is extremely effective. Built like a ripped Greyhound, the senses of a German Shepherd, and the playfulness of a Labrador on crack (basically a Dalmatian). This would be an incredibly fun breed to get to know. NOW, Tiff has asked me to post a photo of an adult Doberman without it’s ears cropped. Do not be fooled by the rose in the photograph, it’s a ploy and you’re about to be manipulated by sleazy marketing. I do not endorse the idea of leaving Doberman’s ears floppy and as a byproduct I do not support this photograph but what can I do, she’s a redhead.Red Rose and Dobermann

Basically we have puppy fever hardcore!  It’s a serious problem. I don’t know when we will be able to move forward on these dreams of ours but we will certainly keep you updated as it progresses.


Clearly Our Obsession with “Thrift Shop” is Rising to New Levels

We are obsessed with “Thrift Shop”.

What will you hear if you walk through our door at any given hour of the day?

Thrift Shop.

Now look what we’ve done! :
Dos Equis Thriftshop 1

Dos Equis Thriftshop 2

Now the Most Interesting Man in the World loves it too.

Our little secret- we laughed about this all morning because we think we’re so funny and awesome.

On the Thrift Shop note, we went “looking for a come-up” yesterday, and we have discovered that Savers is just as “expensive” as Wal-Mart! Seriously! All we wanted was a small sauce pan (of which there are usually quite a few of), and the DI was asking $0.50 for them, and Savers was asking $6.00! WHA?? I have no idea how long Saver’s has been playing this abserd game with their super-used items, but it is not OK.

BUT! DI is amazing. We found the original “Trivial Persuit” game for $1.50, the sauce pan for $0.50, some wooden spoons for $0.50 a piece (a bit expensive for my taste, probably should’ve popped some $0.25 tags for them, but oh well). We’ve repainted a wooden shelf from the DI ($1.00) that is now up in our living room, and a few good Vinyls too! (usually $0.50-1.00). We love that place.

Have I ever mentioned that Mom and I pretty much decorated our whole wedding with DI milkglass?? All of our bud vases came from a series of bi-weekly DI stops. Wedding decore on a budget? Just look for a DI come-up or two!

Now that summer is coming up (can I get a “Woot-Woot!!”??), we’re going to have to up our thrift shopping because I own zero summer clothes. So, if you’re wanting to come clothes shopping with me, you better believe I’ll be hitting up the DI and some Plato’s Closet!

Anyone want to come?

Our Sisters are Engaged!

Both of our baby sisters are engaged! We are so excited for them to do the marriage thing, Brig and I happend to know that it is the bee-zy!

Here are our lovely girls:

~Miss Mally (with Sir KayCee)~


~Miss Sarah (with Sir Peter)~


(Both photos from OUR wedding!)

Well dearest girls, I (Tiff speaking) am so happy for you! The engagement period is the worst, and if you can get out of it still adoring each other- you’ll know it’s right!

You know, this being a team/marriage thing is awesome, and it’s work, and it’s awesome. I’ve been thinking of all the things that I love about being married to Brig (which is pretty much everything, but specifics are always nice to point out!) and all of the information or observations I’ve gleaned that have helped me to prepare to be a wife- which you will be soon!- and I thought that I’d just outline a few things that have made me feel prepared and have made mine and Brig’s relationship wonderful.

First of all, READ THIS BOOK:

It changed my life and the way I view relationships in general. I have not always been the biggest fan of the marriage concept, but it’s because I didn’t understand the things that mattered in marriage. I had just looked at it as some sort of obligation or religous pressure or a way to not be lonely (and all of this because I simply couldn’t find my perfect man! And when I did- boy did I soften up quickly!). However, marriage is not any of those things! None of them!

Instead, marriage is a friendship, a team, a partnership, an intimate companionship, a closeness, and a safe haven.

Mr. Gottman’s book helped me to see that, and helped me to understand what kind of actions strengthen that friendship or break it down. Even if you have a good attitude about marriage and always have had one, it’s still about helping you to figure out how to be the best kind of friend, and avoid things that will hurt your most precious relationship.

Seriously. Do it.

Next, here is the best bit of advice I feel Brig and I have ever gotten:

~ Always defend your companion, and never take anyone else’s side (even if they’re wrong, it doesn’t matter)

~ Always present yourself as a unified front

~ Never talk bad about your companion, ever. To anyone.

~ Put your companion first in your life- before your goals, your hobbies, your extended family, your gym membership- whatever!

~ Care about the things the other cares about.

~Be eager to forgive and forget

~ Never lie to your companion, not about sex, not about food preferences, not about what you spent your money on, not anything! There are no secrets in this friendship

~ And on that note- be open and honest! Be tactful if that honesty isn’t something that the other is excited to hear about, but never keep a secret. Secrets will put wedges in your trust, which is the foundation of your relationship.

~Always greet with a kiss and a hug and a big smile- they are the best thing that will ever happen to you, so treat them that way!

And here are some things that Brig and I do to strengthen our friendship:

~Support the other in their interests and desires

~ Allow daydreaming! Then, be practical and prudent in your timing of acting/puchasing. Balance each other out!

~ Do things together! Go on walks, go to random classes, learn somethign together, watch movies, exercise, eat healthy, cook together. Whatever you do- include the other!

~ Never put the pressure on the other to be perfect or ideal. That’s just impractical! Make mistakes! Learn from them together!

~ Always express love. When you say it, mean it. Every time.

I have so much more to say and tell you (and you will find things to tell me! How cool is that?!) but I will stop here, and I hope we will get time to discuss more of these types of things.

Ladies, there is nothing more important in this life than loving and supporting your future husband (and vice-versa for him!)- so put the work into the relationship- not into panning your wedding or bridal showers. Those things don’t matter.

What matters is your team. Your friendship. Your intimate companionship.

I love you both dearly. Welcome to the best part of life!

With excited, Sisterly-Love,


Husband- And Other Endearing Stories

My Husband is so awesome.

I feel so lucky to get to be so madly in love- to find everything about my eternal companion endearing. I mean, who gets to have as much fun, smiles, cries from happiness, and love as I do?? It absolutely hurts my brain when I try to figure out what I did right to deserve my Husband.

I know that’s super mushy. You’re probably barfing by now.

Get over it.

One of those things that I find so endearing about him is this: (and it’s quite hilarious)

Whenever my Babeh sees a picture with a Rottweiler, he makes this face…

2013-03-01 20.34.29 2013-03-01 20.34.23

And he turns into a big pile of mushy, puppy-lovin, giddy Brigham. It’s adorable.

I can’t let him have a puppy yet- I’d never get his attention back!

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that was as naturally good with kids as my Brig. We babysat for my friend and her husband so they could have a date night, and we walk in and immediately this happens:


We’d been there for less than 10 minutes! The parents hadn’t even left yet!

And so, dear readers, it is my privelege to brag:

My husband is awesome.


Husband and I went to the Bellator MMA fight! We were hooked up by a good friend with legit front-row, “splash zone” seats!

2013-02-21 20.11.02

So, we literally sat cage-side and watched these huge, massive, muscle-y fighters roll in.

Then we watched the battle it out.


We were on Spike TV (because we were constantly right in front of where the cameras were), we had too many nachos, we yelled and cheered, and had a really awesome time!

2013-02-21 20.09.54 2013-02-21 20.04.18 2013-02-21 21.01.56

Even though we didn’t really know any of the fighters (well I certainly didn’t anyway!) it was fun to pick a fighter to cheer for each round. Before the fighter would come out, the annoucers did a small Bio-Pic on them. There were seemingly decent guys, and definitely some guys whose egos almost didn’t fit in the arena.

2013-02-21 17.41.51 2013-02-21 20.10.21 2013-02-21 20.58.04 2013-02-21 21.00.38 2013-02-21 21.08.31 2013-02-21 21.35.35

It was just as interesting to people-watch as it was to watch the fights!

There were lots of our military friends there- and it was wierd for me to see some of them out of uniform! There were big tough guys, local fighters, moms and dads with their kids, girls trying to compete with the ring girls, people like me who were clearly novices at this whole MMA thing…

It was awesome. Super different, and oddly eclectic.

2013-02-21 20.48.08

All in all, it was most fun for me to get to participate in something that Brig gets all excited about!

I don’t think I would ever seek out some of the stuff he’s introduced me to,

and each time it’s so much fun!

Sharing our interests, no matter how odd they are to the other, has been totally enlightening and has brought us so much closer together. We have so much fun doing all sorts of new, fun, strange, awesome things!

IMG_20130221_174404 IMG_20130221_174528

My overall analysis of the event was this:

There are some fighters who clearly understand and use correct techniques while others use their brute strength. It’s interesting that the fighters who are clearly stronger don’t always win. I liked that there was an actual method to the madness- the right places to hit, the right way to throw, the right way to jab or recover from a pin or punch. It was actualy really awesome! However, I couldn’t imagine myself ever doing something like that! Purposefully knocking someone out for sport? Yikes! I’ll leave that to the boys this time.

What a fun date night for us! It was seriously a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

Thanks to our friends who helped us snag some tickets! We love you!