Clearly Our Obsession with “Thrift Shop” is Rising to New Levels

We are obsessed with “Thrift Shop”.

What will you hear if you walk through our door at any given hour of the day?

Thrift Shop.

Now look what we’ve done! :
Dos Equis Thriftshop 1

Dos Equis Thriftshop 2

Now the Most Interesting Man in the World loves it too.

Our little secret- we laughed about this all morning because we think we’re so funny and awesome.

On the Thrift Shop note, we went “looking for a come-up” yesterday, and we have discovered that Savers is just as “expensive” as Wal-Mart! Seriously! All we wanted was a small sauce pan (of which there are usually quite a few of), and the DI was asking $0.50 for them, and Savers was asking $6.00! WHA?? I have no idea how long Saver’s has been playing this abserd game with their super-used items, but it is not OK.

BUT! DI is amazing. We found the original “Trivial Persuit” game for $1.50, the sauce pan for $0.50, some wooden spoons for $0.50 a piece (a bit expensive for my taste, probably should’ve popped some $0.25 tags for them, but oh well). We’ve repainted a wooden shelf from the DI ($1.00) that is now up in our living room, and a few good Vinyls too! (usually $0.50-1.00). We love that place.

Have I ever mentioned that Mom and I pretty much decorated our whole wedding with DI milkglass?? All of our bud vases came from a series of bi-weekly DI stops. Wedding decore on a budget? Just look for a DI come-up or two!

Now that summer is coming up (can I get a “Woot-Woot!!”??), we’re going to have to up our thrift shopping because I own zero summer clothes. So, if you’re wanting to come clothes shopping with me, you better believe I’ll be hitting up the DI and some Plato’s Closet!

Anyone want to come?


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