Announcing the 30 Days to a Better Woman Project

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” and The Art of Manliness’ “30 Days to a Better Man

Starting May 1st, I am starting Month 1 of my “Becoming a Better Woman” project! I am extremely excited to start working on this year-long project. My hope is that I can learn to overcome my challenges and strengthen my own character and relationships this year.

I am posting the 30 day itinerary on this post so that anyone else who would like to do this with me can start on day 1 no matter what day of the month it is, and so each of my subsequent posts about each day can be found.

“The goal of this project is simple: to encourage women to be better women in all areas of their lives. I’m sure all of us have made goals to improve ourselves. But often our goals become one of those well-meaning intentions that we plan to do…. some day. And if you’re like me, some day never comes, and you’re stuck in the same place of mediocrity you were before.” -The Art of Manliness

It’s always nice to start off with a directive, something concrete and written down so that you can get yourself in the habit of consciously accomplishing goals. That is what Month 1 of the “Better Woman” project is all about! So here is how it works: There is a specific task to accomplish each day of a 30 day series. Each task is geared toward introspection and action- to think about who you are as a woman and then to act upon what you discover! As I post each day, I will add a link to the list below so that you can easily reach the details of the daily project.

** If you are doing the 12 month “Becoming a Better Woman” project with me, then Month 1 also includes the goal of exercising daily and clean eating! **

And so here it is my lovely ladies:

The 30 Day Challenge to Becoming a Better Woman:

Day 1: Define your core values

Day 2: Get your diamond ring polished (or an important piece of gold or silver that needs it!)

Day 3: Research a womanly topic

Day 4: Increase your endorphins

Day 5: Cultivate your gratitude

Day 6: Start a Journal

Day 7: Update your resume

Day 8: Reconnect with an old friend

Day 9: Take a man on a date

Day 10: Find your VULVA (Values Unaltered by Life’s Varying Adjustments)

Day 11: Memorize a poem

Day 12: Give yourself a breast exam

Day 13: Create/Revise your bucket list

Day 14: Declutter your life

Day 15: Write a letter to your Mother

Day 16: Make a meal

Day 17: Create a budget

Day 18: Start a debt reduction plan

Day 19: Talk to 3 strangers

Day 20: Schedule a physical exam

Day 21: Perform an act of service

Day 22: Write your own eulogy

Day 23: Improve your posture

Day 24: Learn a Manual Skill

Day 25: PLAY!

Day 26: Take the Army Physical Training test

Day 27: Start a book

Day 28: Write a love letter

Day 29: Conquer a fear

Day 30: Have an “old-fashioned” girl’s night out

There it is my girls. I am excited to see what happens within myself as I make the habit of accomplishing little things each day, but most of all, I can’t wait to hear about what each of you experience! We are all different and are in different phases of life and I really believe that we can glean new perspectives from each other. Please post your experiences, questions, comments… whatever on the appropriate post of the day. I can’t wait to learn from each of you!

As I have been thinking about this over the last few weeks I have found myself growing in gratitude for being a woman. And more, I have found myself desiring to seek after “womanliness”. I think womanliness is different from the concept of femininity. Femininity brings to mind the characteristics that are generally associated with being a woman, such as softness and tenderness. However, femininity is a human characteristic. Men can be feminine. Womanliness on the other hand conjures a greater picture, which may include femininity. Womanliness includes characteristics that are needed to perform beautifully as a woman in society, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a grandmother. Each of these is separate from another and each has specific types of characteristics that make them unique. The characteristics required to be a wife are different from the ones needed to be a great sister (there may be some overlap of course). But the concept itself says that womanliness is a deep concept that needs to be developed and honed, like a block of clay or a blank canvas. For each of us to discover our inner womanliness we need to put in the work to become diverse, adaptable, educated, and ever seeking to become a better woman.

Let’s bring back the Art of Womanliness.


7 thoughts on “Announcing the 30 Days to a Better Woman Project

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    • I unfortunately have had to take some time off! You know how life can get 😦 But I’m determined to pick things back up! It’s important to me, and I hope it’ll be a great exercise for others too 🙂 Like the “Becoming a Better Woman” page on facebook, and I’ll post the next day ASAP!

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