Book Review: The Happiness Project

“The Happiness Project”

By Gretchen Rubin

I happened upon this book by accident. Brig and I were at Target browsing through the book section. Typically, there just isn’t much to be said about the book selection at a chain store like Wally or Target, but this time there just happened to be a gem. I picked it up and thought, “This sounds uplifting!” and from that moment I loved every page.

This book is about a woman who is a writer, a mother, and a wife (in a small nutshell!). She takes a look at her life and discovers that she is quite content with what she has going on. She has 2 beautiful little girls, a good husband, a good writing career. But, despite her contentedness, she decides to see if changing little pieces of herself would make her happier. She then embarks on this year-long experiment where she makes specific goals for each month. For example, one month she decides that she would work on her marriage by nagging less and not expecting to be noticed for every little thing she does (she said she got upset when her husband didn’t acknowledge her efforts).

Through her 12 months of goals, she becomes more introspective, more grateful for the people and things in her life, more patient and more proactive. She shares specific stories of her successes and failures, which I appreciated so much. As I read, I felt empowered! I felt like she was telling me that I could change for the better and become happier too- even though I am extremely content with my life and who I am. She had a very unique perspective, and one that I needed. I am not someone who deals with very difficult things personally- I am healthy, happily married, happily employed, happy! Content! And Gretchen points out that she is that way too- healthy, happily married, happy in her career, etc. But why should that stop us from wanting to become more? Doesn’t this world need more people who desire to rise above content into the realm of happy?  Happy people, Gretchen reminds us, are more likely to reach out to others in a spirit of compassion and charity than all others. I think I’d like to be more like that.

This book has inspired me to do something similar. Please take a look at the “Becoming a Better Woman” page on our blog to see what I’m up to with it! Like Gretchen, I want to become more, and yet simply learn how to “Be Tiffani”.


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