Tiff Graduates College!

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I made it! I can’t believe I finally graduated from college!

I received a Bachelor degree of Science in Behavioral Science. I learned a lot, made some friends, got good grades (Cum Laude!) and walked the walk.

My mom asked me what kind of memories I made during college. For some reason, it was a hard question. But, I think over the years I’ll remember these things:

1. Doing the whole first year of college with Danica  (ASL classes, yoplait yogurts, too much time between classes, driving in a tiny Ford Escort, math homework in her parent’s basement, talking about our fears of growing up, waking up super early to go to the gym… )

2. Not knowing what to major in…. over and over again.

3. Watching the halls get more and more crowded as the school became a university

4. Walking away from the testing center just “knowing” that you blew it

5. Working with Dr. Warne building a statistics test (yes- a type of math that makes sense!)

6. Group discussions in Dr. Draper’s office

7. Actually LOVING my classes: Learning Memory and Cognition, Lifespan Development, Stats, Grad Prep (actually, it was more like “Life Prep”), Personality Theory, Intro to Psychotherapy

8. Getting along with and loving my relationships with professors: Dr. Doty, Dr. Warne, Dr. Draper, Dr. Poulson

9. Going to a school that let you make the connections and do the things you wanted to do- like work on projects with professors, build a club, start a chapter of an honors society, talk to “higher-ups” in the department, seek mentorship, etc.

10. Having my thoughts and writing valued

And what about the things that I learned from going to College? I think that I mostly learned about life by going to college. I learned that there is so much information out there. Go get it! I learned to make relationships and friendships with people who know more than you do because you’ll grow by talking with them! I learned that I could have an effect on society and the world if I wanted to do so. I learned that I could achieve the grade or the quality of work that I wanted if I did the work required to get there. I learned that there are many opinions and types of lifestyle out there- and some really  are  flawed. I learned that other people are just as confused about things as I am. I learned that people can do wonderful, and terrible things. I learned that education is the key to overcoming poverty, powerlessness, social gaps, and ignorance.

I believe that my education prepared me to  start having an influence in the world. It gave me tools to learn more, curiosity to discover the answers to lingering questions, it gave me the confidence to identify false practices and teachings and reject them. It qualified me to work in new capacities and places. It gave me a place to start.

Though I might not exactly know what to do next, at least I started (and finished!) something good for me and my family.

Thanks UVU!