Happiness is… Puppies and Hikes and Being Together


We have the best life! We really couldn’t feel any more blessed. We were able to move to a nice, comfortable, and safe community back in August, and we have been savoring every moment of living in such a nice place. It’s funny that you never think about your safety, or what living in a clean place really means- until you’re faced with the opposite! Luckily, we have passed by that stage of life, and now we are happy, safe, and comfortable.

On top of it all, we’ve been able to get us our “Little Miss Molly-in-the-Face” (as we have come to call her!). She is so much fun! I don’t know how we got so lucky as to have such a cute, mild mannered, cuddly puppy! But we sure did! We have had so much fun taking her with us on hikes, dog events, dog parks, and training classes. She really has made our little home feel more home-y. It’s so fun to have little paws running around the house, enthusiastically squeaking her squeaker, and snuggling up for a nap. Brig and I are definitely ooey-gooey pup parents… and can you blame us? Just look at her cute face!

Brig and I are getting into the camping/backpacking scene, and it is so much fun! There is something so refreshing about getting out on a hike away from the confines of the house or work, and away from the computer and TV. I think we connect just a little bit more as we walk through the beautiful mountains, noticing the changing leaves or the last flowers of the season, or the towering peaks with snow at the tips. We get to talk and talk without distractions, and if we want, we can be happy just listening to the birds and the wind. It’s awesome. We can’t wait to go on our first camping trip next weekend! We are pumped!

The next few weeks are going to fly by as we prepare to bring home another new member of the family… stay tuned!