Murder Mystery

Photo: Murder Mystery Party 2013! Had a great time, thanks everyone! :)

We have such great friends, and they apparently trust us very much. We were invited to do a Murder Mystery (you know, you act out your part and play sleuth to find the murderer?) to replace a couple that couldn’t come. Brig and I didn’t know any of the other couples except 2- and I think that means that they must have trusted us to fit in with the rest of them really well! I don’t know why, but it made me feel really great. It’s nice to know your friends (and our new friends!) though we were “alright”.

Being newly married is so funny- we have almost totally forgotten what it’s like to get together with a bunch a friends! That may sound really silly, and that’s because it is! We probably get out to visit or do something with friends, like, once a month. I don’t know if that’s normal. But when we do get ourselves out- it’s always so much fun!

And so, to our friends: We love you dearly. Don’t think that our absence means that we don’t like you! We do! We just haven’t gotten over being married yet I guess. And that’s alright 🙂 We’ll break out of that I’m sure (well, not so sure. Just assuming :P). Thank you for always reaching out to us- we always enjoy our time with you!

FYI- I totally knew who the murderer was. I’m awesome.

Also, my husband is a scary good actor. Mostly because he acts like himself 😛

And, and special thanks to our new friends for letting us have so much fun with you!

5. I am grateful for my husband’s patience. He knows what I mean.

6. I am grateful for a working vehicle. Life is so much easier when you have control over your transportation!





November has come so quickly this year- and in fact, this year has gone by faster than any other year in my entire life. Brig and I have been married for 11 months now- how is that possible!? It seems like only days… and yet it seems like my life has never been without him. I am so happy to look back on our 11 months of marriage (and now 1.5 years total of courtship!) and find so much to be grateful and joyful about. I, personally, never thought I would be so happy- but I am that happy!

This November is going to be a good one, a sweet one. I can feel it! I am feeling the impact of all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given me in my life, and He’s allowing me to taste how sweet life really is when you love unconditionally and are happy with the possessions you have and the health you’ve enjoyed.

My little family is so much fun, and each day greets us with something new to be thankful for. Like this morning- I am so thankful for grocery stores that are so close and that are open early- because when you wake up and find nothing in the fridge or cupboards to eat, you can just whisk over to one and feed your family for only a few dollars. It made me think of when I lived in Liverpool, and we ran out of toilet paper… but none of the stores were open till 10:00! (We were having an out-of-country-experience!). Yes. I am grateful for early-morning grocery visits.

This is a good month for gratitude, and I think I will try to cultivate that part of me just a little bit more.

1. I am grateful for my handsome, charming, funny, intelligent, interesting, fun, and wonderful Husband

2. I am grateful that I can live in a safe city, a safe neighborhood, and a place that lets me have my puppies!

3. I am grateful for my friends- my new and old friends who have supported us and loved us in all of our “forms”

4. I am grateful for opportunities to give.. Like Birthdays! (Brig: I know something you don’t know!)

(Stay tuned for more stuff to be grateful for!)