Murder Mystery

Photo: Murder Mystery Party 2013! Had a great time, thanks everyone! :)

We have such great friends, and they apparently trust us very much. We were invited to do a Murder Mystery (you know, you act out your part and play sleuth to find the murderer?) to replace a couple that couldn’t come. Brig and I didn’t know any of the other couples except 2- and I think that means that they must have trusted us to fit in with the rest of them really well! I don’t know why, but it made me feel really great. It’s nice to know your friends (and our new friends!) though we were “alright”.

Being newly married is so funny- we have almost totally forgotten what it’s like to get together with a bunch a friends! That may sound really silly, and that’s because it is! We probably get out to visit or do something with friends, like, once a month. I don’t know if that’s normal. But when we do get ourselves out- it’s always so much fun!

And so, to our friends: We love you dearly. Don’t think that our absence means that we don’t like you! We do! We just haven’t gotten over being married yet I guess. And that’s alright 🙂 We’ll break out of that I’m sure (well, not so sure. Just assuming :P). Thank you for always reaching out to us- we always enjoy our time with you!

FYI- I totally knew who the murderer was. I’m awesome.

Also, my husband is a scary good actor. Mostly because he acts like himself 😛

And, and special thanks to our new friends for letting us have so much fun with you!

5. I am grateful for my husband’s patience. He knows what I mean.

6. I am grateful for a working vehicle. Life is so much easier when you have control over your transportation!



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