Tanner Park

Salt Lake County continues to become more fun the longer we live here. Since Molly and Hank have been a part of our family, we have utilized the best resource SLC has to offer: Dog Parks.

Dog parks are so much fun! We pretty much plan to go there any time there is leftover sunlight because they are so much fun! There are tons of dogs running around, big ones, little ones, giant ones, and they all come up to greet you when you walk in. Our puppies get to make friends, run, run and run. And while they are chasing and playing, Brig and I get to have a great time too! Dog owners are awesome. Who knew you could sit around and talk about dogs for hours? Who knew you could find people you really like by talking about dogs? We always walk away from the parks feeling like we’ve made new friends (which we legitimately do! We see them again and again at the park and we get to pick up our conversations from the last time), we feel like our puppies got some proper exercise (they fall asleep immediately upon driving home) and we feel good anyway for getting outside, even when it’s cold.

Tanner Park in Sugarhouse is our favorite. It’s like you’re going hiking, but it’s secretly a contained area. You get the feeling of getting away into the mountains without having to go very far. And there are dogs, everywhere. Running through streams, chasing each other up and down the hillsides, swimming, playing fetch with large branches… it’s amazing. It feels free and wild! And do you know who thought of this wonderful place?

SLC that’s who.

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