Thinking Minimal

Over the last few months Brig and I have been studying up on the idea of “minimalism“. We’ve been dapping in it here and there, but I think we’re ready to take a more serious dip. The theory that less is more and more is distracting from life is something that I’ve never really thought about until the last year. We’ve been extremely blessed, so blessed that we literally have everything we need and everything we want. But the interesting thing that I’ve taken note of is this:

our happiness has nothing to do with what we have.

Seriously! Our happiest memories consist of our time spent together, with just each other, with friends, and with family. I can’t even think of a memory that was centered on a thing, like, I can’t say that our movie watching nights were better because we had surround sound. No, our movie nights are awesome because we pick movies that are interesting! And our memory wouldn’t be dampened because of where the sounds was coming from. Or, our family is not closer together because we have the newest Apple products (which we don’t). In fact, our stuff is getting dated, and we don’t even notice!

I think the only object that has enhanced our memories is a camera. And that is because it freezes those moments in time, to be remembered in full color.

I guess what I’ve been noticing is that we don’t need the objects that we want to be happy, we need those moments, those experiences that bring us together, make us ponder, strengthen our friendships and faith and family. We NEED those things above all else!

I think a life of simplicity will be liberating. I feel like it will bring freedom in so many ways: freedom from financial burdens, freedom from mental stress over messes, disorganization or clutter, freedom from time-wasting appliances. Instead I think it will bring a feeling of peace and contentment, the ability to focus on family, health, relationships, and experiences. I’m so excited to be fully on board. I know that this process will be a journey, and one of great discovery! It will be interesting to see what we decide to keep and throw away- what do we value the most? What brings beauty into our home? What is distracting? What is useless to us? I think it will reveal a lot about us, who we really are and what we deem valuable.

And the big question is: After all is said and done, what will we do with our new-found freedom?


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