Murder Mystery

Photo: Murder Mystery Party 2013! Had a great time, thanks everyone! :)

We have such great friends, and they apparently trust us very much. We were invited to do a Murder Mystery (you know, you act out your part and play sleuth to find the murderer?) to replace a couple that couldn’t come. Brig and I didn’t know any of the other couples except 2- and I think that means that they must have trusted us to fit in with the rest of them really well! I don’t know why, but it made me feel really great. It’s nice to know your friends (and our new friends!) though we were “alright”.

Being newly married is so funny- we have almost totally forgotten what it’s like to get together with a bunch a friends! That may sound really silly, and that’s because it is! We probably get out to visit or do something with friends, like, once a month. I don’t know if that’s normal. But when we do get ourselves out- it’s always so much fun!

And so, to our friends: We love you dearly. Don’t think that our absence means that we don’t like you! We do! We just haven’t gotten over being married yet I guess. And that’s alright ūüôā We’ll break out of that I’m sure (well, not so sure. Just assuming :P). Thank you for always reaching out to us- we always enjoy our time with you!

FYI- I totally knew who the murderer was. I’m awesome.

Also, my husband is a scary good actor. Mostly because he acts like himself ūüėõ

And, and special thanks to our new friends for letting us have so much fun with you!

5. I am grateful for my husband’s patience. He knows what I mean.

6. I am grateful for a working vehicle. Life is so much easier when you have control over your transportation!



Happiness is… Puppies and Hikes and Being Together


We have the best life! We really couldn’t feel any more blessed. We were able to move to a nice, comfortable, and safe community back in August, and we have been savoring every moment of living in such a nice place. It’s funny that you never think about your safety, or what living in a clean place really means- until you’re faced with the opposite! Luckily, we have passed by that stage of life, and now we are happy, safe, and comfortable.

On top of it all, we’ve been able to get us our “Little Miss Molly-in-the-Face” (as we have come to call her!). She is so much fun! I don’t know how we got so lucky as to have such a cute, mild mannered, cuddly puppy! But we sure did! We have had so much fun taking her with us on hikes, dog events, dog parks, and training classes. She really has made our little home feel more home-y. It’s so fun to have little paws running around the house, enthusiastically squeaking her squeaker, and snuggling up for a nap. Brig and I are definitely ooey-gooey pup parents… and can you blame us? Just look at her cute face!

Brig and I are getting into the camping/backpacking scene, and it is so much fun! There is something so refreshing about getting out on a hike away from the confines of the house or work, and away from the computer and TV. I think we connect just a little bit more as we walk through the beautiful mountains, noticing the changing leaves or the last flowers of the season, or the towering peaks with snow at the tips. We get to talk and talk without distractions, and if we want, we can be happy just listening to the birds and the wind. It’s awesome. We can’t wait to go on our first camping trip next weekend! We are pumped!

The next few weeks are going to fly by as we prepare to bring home another new member of the family… stay tuned!

Miss Molly

This little fur-baby has made our home more home-y, and certainly never lonely! We were pining for a puppy, and we allowed ourselves to go “look” at a litter. Well, you know what that means- we brought home Miss Molly!

Isn’t she adorable? Because she is. And she’s naughty. And cute.

We love her ‚̧

She thinks she’s big and tough:

And she’s super cute when she’s sleepy:

And she knows how to take a bite (after much crying and howling of course ūüôā )

We love this little Miss- she is so much fun! And since we don’t have babies to adore over, be sure you’ll be seeing lots of our puppies! (Wait, puppies??)

With puppy-love,

Brig and Tiff

The Berthold/Hulet Wedding Palooza

Wedding Palooza! Our families know how to do parties RIGHT!

Here are the highlights (in order of wedding!)

Naturally, we were the first! January- starting the year off right!

Next in line: Garr and Jessee! They were married in May!

Next: Sarah and Pete, married in June!

And last, but certainly not least: Mally and KayCee were married in July!




Our family is pretty amazing. I mean, who does 4 weddings in a 6 month period? It has been so fun to see our family grow- we have accumulated such great people! The best part is: we get to live close enough to each other to see and grow with each other- hopefully over many years!

I feel pretty blessed to get to have such wonderful people so close to me. I can’t wait to see where our lives take us!

This Wonderful Man Comes Home Tomorrow!

My husband comes home tomorrow! It almost makes me tear-up to think about it! (I know that’s totally silly, but I love the guy!)

It’s hard going a long time without the companionship of your better half. So much has happened, and I wonder if all the things I want to talk about with him will matter anymore! Time apart always makes me realize how special and eventful each and every living day is. You know those people who say, “Make the most of every day!” or “Each day is a gift from God” and it usually puzzles me- what does “making the most of every day” and viewing each day as a gift really mean? What about a day in and of itself is so special?

Well, I can at least tell you what I think!

Each day possesses the potential for great change, great successes, great failures, great realizations, great tragedies, great love, and great surprises. Potential being the key word here, we usually view a day as having nothing “great”, but having very little. But, as I now get to have stretches with and without my better half, for some reason, it’s easier to see the greatness of a day. Within the 2 weeks that My Man has been gone, I’ve had great discoveries about myself, my desires, my hopes and dreams, I’ve had experiences that have strengthened family relationships and moments of great sorrow and loneliness. Without my best friend around the house to talk it all out with, it’s almost as if those moments that mattered so much in my day were amplified- waiting to be discussed with the man in my life that my world revolves around. It’s strange- each day really is special. Each day holds something to be discussed, something to be grateful for, something… just something!

Each day with the one you love really is a gift- and sometimes it takes those times apart to really see it that way: a gift.

I love that Briggy of mine! I’m counting down the very minutes until I can bring him home!

Tiff Graduates College!

DSC_0008 DSC_0053 DSC_0055 DSC_0062 DSC_0073 DSC_0091 DSC_0096 DSC_0103 DSC_0119 DSC_0122 DSC_0123 DSC_0133 DSC_0147 DSC_0215 DSC_0237 DSC_0260

I made it! I can’t believe I¬†finally graduated from college!

I received a Bachelor degree of Science in Behavioral Science. I learned a lot, made some friends, got good grades (Cum Laude!) and walked the walk.

My mom asked me what kind of memories I made during college. For some reason, it was a hard question. But, I think over the years I’ll remember these things:

1. Doing the whole first year of college with Danica¬†¬†(ASL classes, yoplait yogurts, too much time between classes, driving in a tiny Ford Escort, math homework in her parent’s basement, talking about our fears of growing up, waking up super early to go to the gym… )

2. Not knowing what to major in…. over and over again.

3. Watching the halls get more and more crowded as the school became a university

4. Walking away from the testing center just “knowing” that you blew it

5. Working with Dr. Warne building a statistics test (yes- a type of math that makes sense!)

6. Group discussions in Dr. Draper’s office

7. Actually LOVING my classes: Learning Memory and Cognition, Lifespan Development, Stats, Grad Prep (actually, it was more like “Life Prep”), Personality Theory, Intro to Psychotherapy

8. Getting along with and loving my relationships with professors: Dr. Doty, Dr. Warne, Dr. Draper, Dr. Poulson

9. Going to a school that let you make the connections and do the things you wanted to do- like work on projects with professors, build a club, start a chapter of an honors society, talk to “higher-ups” in the department, seek mentorship, etc.

10. Having my thoughts and writing valued

And what about the things that I learned from going to College? I think that I mostly learned about life by going to college. I learned that there is¬†so much information out there. Go get it! I learned to make relationships and friendships with people who know more than you do because you’ll grow by talking with them! I learned that I could have an effect on society and the world if I wanted to do so. I learned that I could achieve the grade or the quality of work that I wanted if I did the work required to get there. I learned that there are many opinions and types of lifestyle out there- and some really¬† are¬† flawed. I learned that other people are just as confused about things as I am. I learned that people can do wonderful, and terrible things. I learned that education is the key to overcoming poverty, powerlessness, social gaps, and ignorance.

I believe that my education prepared me to  start having an influence in the world. It gave me tools to learn more, curiosity to discover the answers to lingering questions, it gave me the confidence to identify false practices and teachings and reject them. It qualified me to work in new capacities and places. It gave me a place to start.

Though I might not exactly know what to do next, at least I started (and finished!) something good for me and my family.

Thanks UVU!


Because of our sporadic internet availability, posting regularly has been a little hard! So, may I present you with tons of pictures!

First! I gave Brig a haircut. I’ve never given anybody a haircut before… So it was an intensely scary hour for us both! haha. We could’ve taken 10 minutes and $10 to have someone else do it, but where’s the fun in that??

2013-03-11 21.54.34 2013-03-11 21.54.41 2013-03-11 22.05.47 2013-03-11 22.06.23 2013-03-11 22.07.17 2013-03-11 22.10.50 2013-03-11 22.11.06 2013-03-11 22.11.18 2013-03-11 22.11.26 2013-03-11 22.11.31 2013-03-11 22.11.38    2013-03-11 22.23.502013-03-11 22.13.22 2013-03-11 22.25.10 2013-03-11 22.25.40 2013-03-11 22.25.44 2013-03-11 22.25.46 2013-03-11 22.25.50 2013-03-11 22.25.55 2013-03-11 22.49.22-3

Next, we made a new friend: AJ from “The Chocolate Conspiracy” in SLC. We went to an organic, vegan chocolate making class there and had a blast! We got to taste cacao beans from all over the world (they all taste different by themselves!) and made our own ganache truffles. It was so fun and AJ was a great host.¬†¬†The only problem now is that regular store-bought chocolate is no longer tasty or satisfying. Only premium artisan chocolate will do for us now! Sigh. ūüôā

2013-03-12 21.24.18 2013-03-12 21.24.20

Brig and I have begun to “mass produce” our BBQ sauces! These pictures only show one of them, the original “Barb-a-hooah” that Brig has been making for a couple years now. It’s really good! We have 3 others too- a tangy/mustardy chicken sauce, a sweet BBQ sauce, and an amazing chicken glaze. YUM! And we want some taste testers, so let us know if you’d like to try some!

2013-03-10 12.01.34 2013-03-16 10.50.21 2013-03-16 10.53.08 2013-03-16 10.53.24

We went out with our friends Ash and Jordan to “Color Me Mine” for a Jordan concert! We loved being serenaded by lovely renditions of¬†John Mayer,¬†The Beatles, and James Taylor, and our favorites: Jordan originals. We suggest you all go listen to him play one of these weekends!¬†Brig and I have lofty goals of having dogs in the future, so we painted ourselves some super cute doggie bowls… and are now using them as cereal bowls.

2013-03-15 21.15.29 2013-03-15 21.16.07 2013-03-23 09.47.59

Tate’s school put on “The Wiz”, which if you don’t know, is the ghetto’s version of the “Wizard of Oz”- bursting with groovy beats and “don’t trust the white guy” themes. It was fun, especially watching our Orem, UT white kids try to groove bro-style.

2013-03-29 20.56.50 2013-03-29 20.57.11

Oh! here they are: The new bottles and labels for some of our BBQ sauces!

2013-04-07 17.21.35 2013-04-07 17.22.20

Basically, what this post is trying to say is that we are incredibly happy. We have so much fun together, we dream big, we play and are trying to ease ourselves back into society (you know, answering phonecalls, hanging out with friends and family; things like that). Life couldn’t be more wonderful together, and we are so pleased to see that each day gets better.

Clearly Our Obsession with “Thrift Shop” is Rising to New Levels

We are obsessed with “Thrift Shop”.

What will you hear if you walk through our door at any given hour of the day?

Thrift Shop.

Now look what we’ve done! :
Dos Equis Thriftshop 1

Dos Equis Thriftshop 2

Now the Most Interesting Man in the World loves it too.

Our little secret- we laughed about this all morning because we think we’re so funny and awesome.

On the Thrift Shop note, we went “looking for a come-up” yesterday, and we have discovered that Savers is just as “expensive” as Wal-Mart! Seriously! All we wanted was a small sauce pan (of which there are usually quite a few of), and the DI was asking $0.50 for them, and Savers was asking $6.00! WHA?? I have no idea how long Saver’s has been playing this abserd game with their super-used items, but it is not OK.

BUT! DI is amazing. We found the original “Trivial Persuit” game for $1.50, the sauce pan for $0.50, some wooden spoons for $0.50 a piece (a bit expensive for my taste, probably should’ve popped some $0.25 tags for them, but oh well). We’ve repainted a wooden shelf from the DI ($1.00) that is now up in our living room, and a few good Vinyls too! (usually $0.50-1.00). We love that place.

Have I ever mentioned that Mom and I pretty much decorated our whole wedding with DI milkglass?? All of our bud vases came from a series of bi-weekly DI stops. Wedding decore on a budget? Just look for a DI come-up or two!

Now that summer is coming up (can I get a “Woot-Woot!!”??), we’re going to have to up our thrift shopping because I own zero summer clothes. So, if you’re wanting to come clothes shopping with me, you better believe I’ll be hitting up the DI and some Plato’s Closet!

Anyone want to come?

Our Sisters are Engaged!

Both of our baby sisters are engaged! We are so excited for them to do the marriage thing, Brig and I happend to know that it is the bee-zy!

Here are our lovely girls:

~Miss Mally (with Sir KayCee)~


~Miss Sarah (with Sir Peter)~


(Both photos from OUR wedding!)

Well dearest girls, I (Tiff speaking) am so happy for you! The engagement period is the worst, and if you can get out of it still adoring each other- you’ll know it’s right!

You know, this being a team/marriage thing is awesome, and it’s work, and it’s awesome. I’ve been thinking of all the things that I love about being married to Brig (which is pretty much everything, but specifics are always nice to point out!) and all of the information or observations I’ve gleaned that have helped me to prepare to be a wife- which you will be soon!- and I thought that I’d just outline a few things that have made me feel prepared and have made mine and Brig’s relationship wonderful.

First of all, READ THIS BOOK:

It changed my life and the way I view relationships in general. I have not always been the¬†biggest fan of the marriage concept, but it’s because I didn’t understand the things that mattered in marriage. I had just looked at it as some sort of obligation or religous pressure or a way to not be lonely (and all of this because I simply couldn’t find my¬†perfect man! And when I did- boy did I soften up quickly!). However, marriage is not any of those things!¬†None of them!

Instead, marriage is a friendship, a team, a partnership, an intimate companionship, a closeness, and a safe haven.

Mr. Gottman’s book helped me to see that, and helped me to understand what kind of actions strengthen that friendship or break it down. Even if you have a good attitude about marriage and always have had one, it’s still about helping you to figure out how to be the best kind of friend, and avoid things that will hurt your most precious relationship.

Seriously. Do it.

Next, here is the best bit of advice I feel Brig and I have ever gotten:

~ Always defend your companion, and never take anyone else’s side (even if they’re wrong, it doesn’t matter)

~ Always present yourself as a unified front

~ Never talk bad about your companion, ever. To anyone.

~ Put your companion first in your life- before your goals, your hobbies, your extended family, your gym membership- whatever!

~ Care about the things the other cares about.

~Be eager to forgive and forget

~ Never lie to your companion, not about sex, not about food preferences, not about what you spent your money on, not anything! There are no secrets in this friendship

~ And on that note- be open and honest! Be tactful if that honesty isn’t something that the other is excited to hear about, but never keep a secret. Secrets will put wedges in your trust, which is the foundation of your relationship.

~Always greet with a kiss and a hug and a big smile- they are the best thing that will ever happen to you, so treat them that way!

And here are some things that Brig and I do to strengthen our friendship:

~Support the other in their interests and desires

~ Allow daydreaming! Then, be practical and prudent in your timing of acting/puchasing. Balance each other out!

~ Do things together! Go on walks, go to random classes, learn somethign together, watch movies, exercise, eat healthy, cook together. Whatever you do- include the other!

~ Never put the pressure on the other to be perfect or ideal. That’s just impractical! Make mistakes! Learn from them together!

~ Always express love. When you say it, mean it. Every time.

I have so much more to say and tell you (and you will find things to tell me! How cool is that?!) but I will stop here, and I hope we will get time to discuss more of these types of things.

Ladies, there is nothing more important in this life than loving and supporting your future husband (and vice-versa for him!)- so put the work into the relationship- not into panning your wedding or bridal showers. Those things don’t matter.

What matters is your team. Your friendship. Your intimate companionship.

I love you both dearly. Welcome to the best part of life!

With excited, Sisterly-Love,


Husband- And Other Endearing Stories

My Husband is so awesome.

I feel so lucky to get to be so madly in love- to find everything about my eternal companion endearing. I mean, who gets to have as much fun, smiles, cries from happiness, and love as I do?? It absolutely hurts my brain when I try to figure out what I did right to deserve my Husband.

I know that’s super mushy. You’re probably barfing by now.

Get over it.

One of those things that I find so endearing about him is this: (and it’s quite hilarious)

Whenever my Babeh¬†sees a picture with a Rottweiler, he makes this face…

2013-03-01 20.34.29 2013-03-01 20.34.23

And he turns into a big pile of mushy, puppy-lovin, giddy Brigham. It’s adorable.

I can’t let him have a puppy yet- I’d never get his attention back!

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that was as naturally good with kids as my Brig. We babysat for my friend and her husband so they could have a date night, and we walk in and immediately this happens:


We’d been there for less than 10 minutes! The parents hadn’t even left yet!

And so, dear readers, it is my privelege to brag:

My husband is awesome.